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What does 4G MobileCCTV offer?
Supply the latest 4G enabled CCTV cameras for remote CCTV surveillance requirements for sites without power and broadband.
How do the 4G cameras work?
The cameras have a built in 4G router or modem which provides wireless internet connectivity at the latest mobile data speeds depending on signal strength at the site.
What type of SIM card is required?
The 4G cameras require a standard PAYG or monthly contract SIM card with a recommended data bundle of 10GB depending on usage. some 4G real time GPS tracking devices will require a fixed IP SIM so please ask if you need any advice.
Do the cameras continuously transmit video running up large data usage bills?
No, the cameras work over a P2P connection via a Cloud based app on your smartphone or tablet PC and only transmits video on demand or after motion detection.
Does the site have mains power for the camera?
We offer a range of solar powered 4G CCTV cameras that are powered via a solar panel that trickle charges a lithium-ion battery during daylight hours, powering the camera throughtout the night providing a 24 hour surveillance solution. The cameras can also be powered directly from a 12V leisure battery for temporary CCTV requirements.
Does the camera send alerts when an intruder is detected?
The camera has built-in motion detection and will send an alert via the Cloud based software app called CamHi. All video and images are stored locally on an SD memory card which can be viewed and retrieved after the event. The app enables you to view real time video via your smartphone and control the 4G PTZ cameras pan, tilt and zoom fuctionality via your device.
Do the cameras have night vision?
Yes, the cameras have a built in IR illuminator that enables you to view clear images and video up to 30 meters from the camera.
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